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At ManuelaS we create pieces as beautiful, unique, and special as your story.

Our jewelry is beautifully simple but still each piece embodies what’s meaningful to you and connects you to your most precious memories, people and milestones.


my name is Manuela and this is my story. My soul always needed to create. It started with paper craft, unique cards, personal blog and worldwide designer teams which I was part of for several years. But then magic happened and jewelry stole my heart. Started my first business in early 20's as a young and enthusiastic girl from small, super green European country and you know how some talk about how long it took them to sell their first item? Well, you home girl heard that famous "Cha-Ching" sound first day after opening her Etsy store (humble brag ;) ). And that's when I knew I got something worth fighting, hustling and grinding for day and night.


I unexpectedly reconnected with my first true love in the middle of my twenties. It hit us both like a light strike out of nowhere! We knew each other since we were basically babies but needed to do the "growing up" part first in order to be best versions of ourselves for one another.

He was super impressed with my business and worldwide presence of my jewelry so he suggested few changes to elevate what I already established on my own (the major one was to use way better materials which won't cause any allergies whatsoever). That's why we changed all my prior brass jewelry to pure titanium.

We're both in our early 30's now, married for seven+ years and we have the sweetest little boy you can possible imagine to make our days even more exciting and full of joy. :)
But our love to fine jewelry hasn't change. It grow stronger and bigger and we're super thrilled that you found this page I created from scratch just for YOU, my dear! So we can have a place for our most precious customers - who funny enough actually often turn into friends - to check out what we have created especially for you.


 If you will have any question or doubt regarding your order, jewelry or anything else - please do not hesitate to >> contact me <<. I'm always glad to help you out. 

- m. -